Information on the Wuling Sunshine

Inherited from all previous Wuling series small vehicles, our Wuling Sunshine minivan has solid chassis, firm metal plate, increased interior space, and is of superior quality. With a designed ergonomic manipulation mechanism, the minivan is well received due to its outstanding performance and reliability.

Product Features 
1. Massive load capacity: enhanced chassis, improved durability 
2. Firm and strengthened bodywork: made with steel plate from Baosteel to ensure high safety standards
3. User-friendly handling mechanism: accelerator pedal with lower height makes the position of accelerator pedal and brake pedal more reasonable; easier driving is ensured by incorporating an improved gearshift and handbrake. 
4. Reliable braking system: front disk, rear drum, double circuit, hydraulic brake system ensures outstanding stopping performance of our minivan. 
5. Comfortable interior decorations: the material and color of inner ornamental cloth has been adjusted and appropriately tailored for better compatibility and comfort. 
6. Simple and graceful console: stylish T structure console, fashionable USB port, enlarged air-conditioning outlet and storage cabinet

SGMW is a renowned minivan manufacturer in China constantly utilizing the internationally advanced technology and equipment, employ highly trained staff and conduct strict quality inspections during each procedure of production.